Kesi Larkham is a furniture designer who says that the furniture designers have to be creative all the time but she feels angry and infuriated at the so-called fake furniture designers from India and China that are always busy copying than creating.

Kesi along with her best friend – Phoenix, founded a candy business in the year 2015. The business didn’t do well at all. Kesi and Phoenix came to the conclusion that candy business isn’t a good idea anymore as more and more people are becoming and teeth conscious.

While Kesi still lives in Birmingham, England, her friend Phoenix has moved to Bali, Indonesia. They both are still very much in touch with each other and together they both look for the right and trusted football gambling bookie (bandar judi bola).

Phoenix is currently involved in a partnership business that manufactures shuttle cocks and tennis balls. Phoenix was dating this awkward guy lately who gifted her a set of new tyres for her car on her birthday and that was the last day for their relationship.

Kesi recently bought a Rapoo Keyboard and Mouse combo from the Amazon UK and liked it more than her Logitech keyboard and mouse. Kesi says that China is improving greatly and the brands like Rapoo are the proof of the same and pride of the Republic of China. Kesi really got motivated to start her own computer peripheral business after putting her hand on her Rapoo keyboard and mouse and she says that she will try her best to enter the computer peripheral business although she has no past experience of the same and her only hope is her brother – Rick, who is an engineer.

Rick has been involved in the computer peripheral industry for quite a while now and he says that making feature rich keyboards is not enough, the keyboards need to be designed in an order to make the typing a very easy and fun task with those.