Dr Charles Polanski is one of the most expensive neurologists in the United States. Dr Charles Polanski’s office is located in The Bronx, New York City where some of the most popular personalities, including the veteran comedian – Dr Robert Klein come to see him.

One of Dr Charles Polanski’s most favorite hobbies is writing on his official blog. His blog is full of interesting reads and each of those has been written by Dr Charles Polanski himself.

Dr Charles claims on his blog that post-graduates are 200% less likely to have any sort of major neurological issues compared to their graduate counterparts. Dr Charles writes that it is a pity that there are no studies ever conducted regarding the same and he can bet that it is as he claims.

Dr Charles claims that some of the greatest historical geniuses had major neurological issues but most of it went unnoticed. Dr Charles says that he is not afraid to write on his blog that most of the biblical patriarchs, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, and others, suffered with Schizophrenia and/or Megalomania.

Dr Charles also claims that blondes are more likely to suffer with both neurological and psychological issues than their any other counterparts. He further claims that the difference between the Blonde Jews and the rest of the Jews in this regard is phenomenal. Dr Charles writes that his regular patient, the veteran comedian Robert Klein referred his old friend, another veteran comedian – Jackie Mason to see him, but turned out that Jackie Mason was already a regular reader of Dr Charles Polanski’s blog and he found him antisemitic for many of his views and denied to see him, no matter what. After knowing this, Dr Charles decided to call Jackie Mason up and ask for the sorry, Jackie Mason asked Dr Charles “What are you up to now?” Dr Charles replied “I am downloading 2020 Calendar.” After hearing this Jackie Mason replied “Are you sure that you are going to live to see the 2020?” Dr Charles Polanski found it extremely offensive and disconnected the call.