Flora Bina used to have a habit of criticizing distinguished and classy and rich men and women until she became one of those.

Last month, Flora inaugurated a spa of her own with a gambling room in it. Flora is an online gambling addict herself and even though she promotes offline and online gambling and casinos everywhere she goes, there is no way that she is going to tell her best kept secret and that is working as a Monaco escort back in the day, with which she made millions of dollars along with having tons of fun.

Flora’s husband – Vladislav is an Optometrist who is obsessed with Harley Davidson bikes. Perhaps Vladislav’s Optometrist eyes see lots of things that a normal human being’s eyes cannot. Vladislav is more than a conspiracy theorist but he says that he is a realist. Vladislav’s conspiracy theories include a claim that the Talibani terrorists provide freelance services on Elance, Fiverr, oDesk, Guru and similar websites to collect fund for their terrorist activities.

Along with being an Optometrist, Vladislav is a businessman as well, he owns several Kiosks in the shopping malls of the state of Colorado and he also owns a small company that manufactures hand blenders.

Vladislav is very obedient to the menopausal women as he believes that they are very righteous and have great intuitive capabilities.

Vladislav’s sister and Flora’s sister-in-law – Nikita is a history professor in a reputed US college and she claims to know more than most historians. Nikita says that the Punjabi and Arabic people are one and the same and the similarities between several of their words and their meanings is the proof. One of the examples is that the Arabs and Punjabis use the same word for the naked and the poor, not 2 different words.