Blazena Buker is a businesswoman who claims that the human beings didn’t only evolve from the apes but from the bears as well and she likes to give the reference of the faces of the people whose faces look just like the bear and those people are stronger and bulkier as well in general.

Blazena claims that there were no rivers millions of years ago, all living beings used to drink sea water. Blazena says that lakes and rivers are the result of human beings’ worship, Blazena says that even apes like Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Orang Utan were involved in worshiping the gods during the prehistoric times and the Hindu mythology – Ramayana is one of the proofs for the same.

Blazena lived in a bungalow in a hilly area for a while as the owner was desperate to sell it and the price that he was ready to sell his bungalow was unbelievable. After living for one year in that bungalow, Blazena decided to sell it too, perhaps with more desperation and curiosity than the previous owner. Blazena says that each and every neighbor that she met in that area was either suffering from depression or had a member in the family suffering with the same. Blazena says that she herself lost all her enthusiasm, extraordinary energy, ambition and creativity after living the first month of living there. One of the neighbors that Blazena met there was a hacker who started suffering from clinical depression which he and his parents believed was the result of bad karma. This hacker never got caught but he dropped the act of hacking altogether one day abruptly and started visiting church every Sunday ever since and got himself a 9-5 job.

Blazena’s current boyfriend is a Thai gentleman who sells artificial jewelry all across the world through eBay and he claims that เล่นบาคาร่า acts as his sole financier. He is also a regular reader of some of the most popular gambling blogs like the one you are reading right now.