Edita Serra is a Southern girl who believes in putting her money where her mouth is and that is candies, Edita has been running a successful candy company for the past few years and all the credit goes to the UFABet which she discovered  couple of years back, thanks to her fluency in the Thai language. Edita’s life completely changed when she started winning bets upon bets with the help of this forum. Edita went from being an ordinary Freelance content writer to a successful entrepreneur.

Edita’s grandparents were involved in corn and livestock business throughout their lives. Edita’s grandparents had 13 children and her father was one of them who inherited a poultry farm from his father, Edita had 7 siblings and the poultry farm wasn’t enough for her father to feed his kids and she had to start working part-time while she was still in school and her family being a sort of dysfunctional really had a huge impact on Edita and her studies. Edita didn’t have the money to pursue law or medical career and she ended up being a Freelance content writer.

One of Edita’s sisters owns a clothing store that caters specifically to children and toddlers. She says that most parents nowadays overlook the comfort that a clothing brand has created reputation for over the years for children and toddlers. This sister of Edita claims that irrespective of the attractive price of the clothing that doesn’t offer any comfort, she only buys and keeps the clothes of the brands that are notorious for their comfort and quality.

This sister of Edita has been debunking popular child development myths for years on forums and chatrooms and she claims that nobody can raise better children than her. She feels so secure that she can work as a nanny if her clothing store gets out of the business. She says that she wants to work as a nanny but cannot due to her busy schedule.