Amalda Sacan owns one of the most popular cafes in her city which is popular for its mint-coffee. Amalda always believes in creating and maintaining a speciality. Amalda believes that most multi-purpose products are good for no purpose.

Amalda comes from an agricultural family and she loves agriculture herself and does a lot of study on it. Amalda claims that Colombia used to have the most arable land in the prehistoric times followed by Punjab and Sindh of India.

Amalda recently got into composing music inspired by popular Youtube channel – NewRetroWave. Amalda also bought a car collection from 1970s with vinyl roof with the money that she won with the help of a trusted freebet terbaru website.

Amalda is an astrologer and she believes that both the sides of the moon face the earth contrary to the popular belief that only one and the same does. Amanda also believes that the solar system is a lie constructed to transform people into atheists.

Amalda loves animals and she has several pets. Amalda believes that successful people don’t give a hoot about the wildlife, they just pretend it. Amalda also says that the rich people show lesser concern for the impoverished than they should.

Amalda has a degree in power management and she wants to use her expertise into something important but she hasn’t got a chance yet.

Amalda mostly wears pink velvet shirts as she believes that velvet pink shirts are lucky for her.

Amalda is an atheist but she has a huge respect for the catholic religion and Jesus Christ. Amalda says that the World Council of Churches (WCC) was the biggest blunder in the history of churches and Christian religion.

Amalda believes that the world is overly populated at the moment and it is very rare to find civilized people in the countries with high density of population.