Anita Gomez has a habit of muttering all the time which annoys everyone around her.

Anita’s first job was at an animal rescue organization. She used to work as a spy for that organization. She remembers while working as a spy, she didn’t miss a chance to get a glimpse of hot men.

Anita knows about almost all the QQ Online and along with the real life commonwealth games she hates the gambling commonwealth games as well.

Anita loves honesty in each and every relationship, be it business or personal. Anita openly confessed to her husband about cheating 79 times on him.

Anita recently took a trip to India and came back with the news that right-wing Indians have been extravagantly trying to superimpose their traditions, religious values and culture on locals and tourists alike.

Anita’s brother – Mark is a foolish guide who got robbed several times himself by the tourists.

Anita buys nothing but Ford cars and SUVs. She says that Ford vehicles are quite a lot for the money but the Ford unlike others doesn’t indulge in unethical promotion and advertisements. Anita says that the American car makes are going through a crisis and that’s the reason why they have been offering the best bang for the buck unlike the Japanese car manufacturers who have been charging crazy price for their cars just due to their reputation for being the most reliable and durable which is a myth for most of the part.

Anita is not an engineer but she has been trying to create the most advanced electromechanical data storage device ever.

Anita currently owns a car stereo and speaker manufacturing company which is unknown but unmatched for quality, durability and reliability. Anita’s company is only known by the people in her own city and those who know about her company only buy her stereos and speakers.