There was a time when Barborka Bobal borrowed loan from her family and friends in order to sell rocking chairs on eBay and Amazon but today the couch in Barborka’s penthouse is entirely made up of gold. Barborka says that if she keeps getting richer with the help of the pengeluaran sidney like this, one day she will be able to buy the eBay, she has already started buying shares of eBay.

Barborka is a freelance journalist as well and she posts her opinions and observations on her not-so-popular blog. Barborka writes about almost everything, be it politics, religion, conspiracy theories, health, you name it. One of the conspiracy theories that Barborka wrote about was the theory of the death of the Nuclear Father of India – Jehangir Homi Bhabha. Barborka wrote that Jehangir Homi Bhabha never caught the flight to the Geneva International Airport but he was rather picked up by the North Korean Premier’s plane as per the plan which kept outside the radar and took Jehangir Homi Bhabha to the North Korea forever so that he could live the most lavish life there till his death in exchange for the nuclear technology. Barborka claims that Jehangir Homi Bhabha was crazy for the Asian women and Kim II-Sung provided him with a new North Korean beauty each night. Barborka says that Kim II-Sung was the most powerful pimp of his time.

One of Barborka’s blog posts was about her conversation with one of her best friends who is involved in the gas business. Barborka wrote that as per her best friend, the tycoons of the gas business and the governments that are major suppliers of the gas like Kazakhstan and Iran are doing more harm to the environment and the world economy than a common person can even imagine. Barborka wrote that the reality of the gas business and its so-called tycoons will soon be exposed. Barborka also wrote that the gas business tycoons are the smallest contributors to the humanitarian causes as well.