Adina Peterson is a Restaurateur from Pattaya City, Thailand. She currently owns 2 Multi-Cuisine Restaurants in the Pattaya City itself. She is a very active blogger too and most of her posts are related to the restaurant industry only.

Adina claims that her restaurants serve more mango recipes than any other restaurant in Thailand, which has been challenged several times but Adina comes out as the winner each time.

In the late 2000s, Indian food used to be the most popular at her restaurants but that hasn’t been the case since 2010. Italian food has been topping the charts at Adina’s restaurants since the dawn of 2010.

Adina hates violence but at each of her restaurants, she presents a special expensive Oman dagger to the 2000th customer personally. She got the idea from a Sbobet Slot website where she is extremely regular, where they gift certain free balance to every 2000th new user.

Adina writes on her blog that gone are the days when a fine restaurant could serve bland food on a regular and get away with it. She adds that nowadays, the customers tend to leave a negative review 2 out of 3 times if they had a bad experience at your restaurant. She really feels envied from the yesteryear’s multi-cuisine restaurant owners.

In an effort to do something bigger and better than Adina, her envious brother-in-law started a bicycle themed restaurant which has been doing poorly since the very day of its inauguration and Adina is not happy about it, which proves how nice and kind-hearted of a person she is, like most other online gamblers.