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Rapid City’s All-American Author is obsessed with the Russian characters and American Bitcoin Casinos

Helena Hancock is an All-American author from the Rapid City, South Dakota who has lately been obsessed with the Russian historic characters. Last month, Helena completed writing a book on the life and death of Russian Tsar – Nicholas II of Russia.

In her book, Helena claims that Nicholas II was one of the most polite and humble Tsars in the history of Russia, even more polite than the hosts of those crypto casino USA websites.

Helena writes that if emperor Alexander III of Russia were alive by the time his youngest child and the second daughter – Olga Alexandrovna reached the age of 20, he would have coronated her as his successor without caring about the traditions of his nation but instead doing what was good for his legacy and the nation. Helena claims that Aalexander III knew it very well that none of his other 5 kids was eligible for being the Tsar. Helena adds that it doesn’t mean that he didn’t love any of his other 5 children but that he knew it very well that none of those was eligible for becoming the Tsar.

Helena writes in her book that Nicholas II was very close to his maternal grandfather as a child but their relationship started getting bitter after Nicholas II reached the adulthood. Helena believes that one of the causes for their relationship getting worse was Nicholas II’s marijuana addiction and his maternal grandfather – King Christian IX’s alcohol addiction.

Helena writes that the claims of Nicholas II having sexual relationship with his English aunt Alix are all false.

Helena ends her book by mentioning that Xenia, the younger sister of Nicholas II advised her brother to make agreement with the communists and go to the USA but he wouldn’t listen.

For South Korean Author Jennifer Neals, Happiness = Black Ink

Jennifer Neals is perhaps the first South Korean author to dedicate a complete book on the life and death of the Russian politician of the Tsarist era – Ivan Logginovich Goremykin.

In her book, Jennifer writes that Ivan loved alligators and he always pitied at the fact that there were no alligators in Russia.

Jennifer writes that like every average white male, Ivan used to hate his mother-in-law and it is not a joke.

Jennifer writes that if Ivan weren’t born in a noble family, he would have been nowhere.

Jennifer claims that Ivan showed the symptoms of being a bipolar as well.

Jennifer claims in her book that Ivan very rarely yelled and he hated the people that used to yell at others all the time.

Jennifer writes in her book that Ivan had a thing for women with curly hair.

Jennifer writes that Ivan was really proud of being born in Veliky Novgorod, which is also known as Novgorod the Great, and Ivan always claimed it both publicly and privately.

Jennifer writes that Ivan loved people but he hated being around them. Jennifer adds that if there was Facebook back at that time, Ivan would have been a freak user.

Jennifer claims that Ivan prioritized happiness over everything else, just like Jennifer prioritizes 먹튀검증 over everything else.

Jennifer claims that Ivan had a dream of visiting all the major cities of the world before dying.

Jennifer ends her book with mentioning that Ivan is a very rare example of unsuccess due to over-conservatism in the Russian history.

Psychiatrist, gambler and blogger logs into her favorite Soccer Betting website whenever she is dead-tired

Debra Barth is an Indonesian psychiatrist, blogger and gambler from East Jakarta who recently made a very popular post about Saint Peter which received extremely positive response. Debra wrote in her post that Saint Peter being a married man and having been the most favorite apostle of Jesus and Mother Mary after John the Apostle proves that marriage is never a hindrance on the path of holiness but instead it proves to be helpful many times, like in the case of St Thomas More and Saint Peter.

Debra mentioned in her blog post that Saint Peter had a great sense of humor and after he turned celibate as it was required to become an apostle, it was his sense of humor that used to keep his wife happy, content and satisfied.

Debra once made a post in the psychiatry section of her blog that people who grew up in the so-called communist countries still find it hard to be as ambitious to survive in a capitalist nation and the case is a lot similar with their offsprings as well. Debra thanks god that she wasn’t raised up in a communist country and she is ambitious enough to keep working even when she is tired. Debra writes on her blog that when she is dead tired, she logs into her favorite situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya.

Debra also once claimed that those that were more intimate with their mothers during their childhood and teenage years suffer with different disorders than those that were more intimate with their fathers during the childhood and teenage years. Debra also added that the kids that weren’t intimate with either the mother or the father suffer mostly with completely different disorders than the ones who were intimate with either their mother or the father. Debra writes that surprisingly enough, the orphans suffer the least with any sort of psychological disorders and it is a proven phenomenon and the Indian mystic OSHO took advantage of it to a great extent by mentioning over and over again that his favorite mystic George Gurdjieff was an orphan, and OSHO himself was raised up by his grandparents.

Indonesian blogger claims that people still doubt that online gambling turned her into a millionaire

Lua Veli is a Christian blogger based in Indonesia who is obsessed with the 12 apostles and conspiracy theories. Lua has made several posts till date regarding the John the Apostle, in one of her posts she made a claim that John was very little since he started seeing the miracles of Jesus and hence, he was the one who never doubted the resurrection of Jesus. Lua writes that rest of the 11 apostles doubted the resurrection of Jesus but they didn’t dare say it, except Thomas. Lua writes that it is just like they all doubted when she told her that she is millionaire off that judi bola online.

Lua once wrote on her blog that along with being the youngest apostle, John was also the most handsome one. Lua writes that him being the most apostle of Jesus inflated the doubt of many suspects that used to doubt Jesus’ sexual orientation but neither Jesus nor John ever cared.

Lua is also obsessed with the Russian cinema and her most favorite Russian ever is the Russian actor, director and screenwriter – Sergei Bondarchuk. Lua claims to know more about Sergei Bondarchuk than any other Indonesian and most Russians. Lua once wrote that although Sergei identified himself as a devout communist throughout his life but he used to speak ‘Jesus’ all the time during awe or any other strong spontaneous emotion after he crossed the age of 60 which is evident from several different accounts.

Lua also writes that although Sergei never displayed this publicly, he was never happy with his elder daughter Natalya’s decision of becoming an actor and it is amazing how he acted it throughout his public life.

Thai author gambled and wrote a book on the life of Saint James the Great on the same days

Kevin Song is a Thai author who has been overly obsessed with the Catholic religion and 12 apostles of Jesus in general for the past 2 years now. Kevin recently completed writing a book on the life and death of Saint James the Great. Kevin wrote on his blog that all the time when he was writing this book, not a day passed by when he didn’t gamble online or read a post on

Kevin writes in his book that when James the Great and his brother John the Apostle told Jesus that they want to call down fire on a Samiran town, but were rebuked by Jesus, it wasn’t the decision or wish of any of them but instead they both had a dream where their father Zebedee told them to do the same and as both the brothers loved their father so much, they couldn’t dare deny it and what made them both even more determined about it was the fact that they both had the dream simultaneously.

Kevin also writes that both the brothers – James and John inherited their great anger and fiery from their dad – Zebedee.

Kevin writes in his book that he doesn’t believe that Saint James the Great appeared to fight for the Christian army during the battle of Clavijo but he claims that the battle of Clavijo is a historical one and not a mythical one.

Kevin writes that he wonders what would happen if James the Great and Martin Luther – the founder of Protestantism met in reality. Kevin adds that if James the Great reincarnated and confronted Martin Luther, he would rip Martin Luther into pieces along with reciting strong curses on him.

This Ex-Salesman bought his own baby clothing store in Chinatown, Singapore with Data SGP money

Jason Cheung and his wife own a baby clothing store in the Chinatown region of Singapore.

Jason claims on his store’s official blog that they try to fulfill each and every demand of each and every customer that checks in to their store, no matter how challenging it is and they also delight in it. Jason writes that the more challenging the demand is, the more fun it is for him and his wife.

Jason and his wife both believe that only super-patient staff deserves to work as sales people in a baby and/or kids clothing store. Jason writes that he himself started off as a salesperson at a baby and kids clothing store on the Orchard Road and he brags that he was the most patient of all the sales people there as well. Jason believes that his patience is the foremost factor that let him have his own store with buying Data SGP each time with the hope of winning one day until he finally did and got himself enough money to have his own baby and kids clothing store.

Jason’s wife believes that only men and women that have babies/kids at home are good enough to work as sales people for a baby clothing store. Jason doesn’t agree with it as he was a bachelor before he found his own baby and kids clothing store and he brags that he was a better salesman in almost all aspects than his colleagues there that were married, including both men and women.

Jason writes on his blog that since the mobile phone cameras came into picture, baby clothing manufacturers are forced to create clothes that look so good that they make long lasting memories and those who fail to do so, go bankrupt.

Vietnamese restaurant owner from Suwon-si city is married to the Toto

Joshua Ewing is not a Vietnamese but he owns a Vietnamese restaurant in the Suwon-si city in South Korea.

Joshua claims that nobody cooks crabs like the Vietnamese do.

On his blog, Joshua claims that Pho has become almost as popular as the Ramen worldwide.

Joshua writes that Vietnamese food isn’t limited to the seafood and Ramen. It consists of a great variety.

Joshua writes that most Vietnamese restaurants are pathetic when it comes to serving decent portions but that’s not the case with his restaurant and those Google Places reviewers confirm this well.

Joshua writes that they don’t raise the prices at their restaurant until there’s no other possibility for survival.

Joshua also writes that many people have a misconception that the Vietnamese food costs way too less than most other cuisines, which is far from being the truth. Joshua adds that yes the Vietnamese food at some vans is very cheap but they use the worst ingredients possible to make that food. Joshua writes that healthy, nutritious and hygienic Vietnamese cuisine costs as much if not more than other cuisines.

Joshua writes that some people presume that Vietnamese food is unhealthy just by looking at the stature of the Vietnamese people which is far from truth.

Joshua writes that some Vietnamese restaurants fail abroad because they aren’t as well managed and organized as they ought to be unlike Joshua’s restaurant.

Joshua writes that one of the stupid things that many Vietnamese restaurant owners do is that they recruit employees that can’t speak or understand English properly and the only criteria that they get chosen for is because they have Vietnamese origin. Joshua claims that the Vietnamese restaurant owners recruiting Vietnamese employees that cannot understand the first language of the country that they work in, is responsible for the shut down of most Vietnamese restaurants abroad.

Joshua is a celibate and his most favorite pastime is betting on Toto websites (토토사이트).

Imported furniture store owner is interested in becoming a Christian but she is not sure whether she will give up online gambling if that happens

Brenda Montana owns a very popular imported furniture store in the Buriram province of Thailand. Brenda is a blogger as well and although she never gets tired of calling herself an atheist over and over again, she recently astonished everyone when she made a blog post entirely dedicated to the St Augustine of Hippo.

In her post, Brenda wrote that it rained like there’s no tomorrow on the day St Augustine of Hippo converted into Christianity. She also added that there was a peculiar smell and freshness in every drop of that water which rained.

Brenda also wrote that she doubts that the childlike voice “take up and read” in the case of Augustine of Hippo is the same that Islamic Prophet Muhammad told everyone about. Brenda also doubts that Prophet Muhammad never heard any such voice and falsely told everyone about it after learning the story of how St Augustine of Hippo was asked by a childlike voice to take up and read.

Brenda claims that St Augustine wanted to travel to East India after he learnt that the people of East India worship a different idol each day of the month and believe in the superstitions that have no meaning, value or base.

Brenda writes that she has been listening and watching Father William Jenkins of What Catholics Believe Ohio lately and that’s what has made her interested towards the Christianity. She wrote that she is going to travel to Ohio only to meet Father William Jenkins and if he is able to convince her to Christianity, she will. She wrote that she may also give up on 안전놀이터, if she converts into the Christian religion.

Indonesian supplement manufacturer doesn’t go to sleep unless he plays some Judi Bola

Hasan Molan is an Indonesian businessman who recently started a supplement company with manufacturing and selling DHT blockers. He wants to expand and become the next Vitamin Shoppe.

Hasan is a blogger as well and being a devout Muslim, he has always been fascinated with the ten lost tribes. He recently wrote an analysis about who he thinks are the ten lost tribes of Israel in reality.

Hasan claims that the belief that Pashtuns of Afghanistan and Pakistan are the ten lost tribes of Israel is 100% incorrect. Hasan claims that the Pashtuns are an Iranian people who have nothing to do with the Jews except that they believe in the Jewish messiahs/patriarchs since they converted to Islam, which is a continuity of the Judaism.

Hasan writes that Bene Israel that have a population of about 5000 in India at the moment are without a doubt the real Jews but they are not from the ten lost tribes of Israel. Hasan writes that the biggest proof that Bene Israel of India are the real Jews is that the Israeli Rabbinate in 1961 ruled that they are “full Jews in every respect”. Hasan claims that the Bene Israel are Iranian Jews that moved from Iran to India after it was attacked by the Muslim armies.

Hasan writes that Igbo Jews have nothing in common with the real Jews of Israel other than their noses. Hasan writes that neither the history nor the DNA proves that they are the real Jews and they should conduct a large scale DNA test to prove that the Igbo Jews are not one of the lost tribes in order to eradicate another myth that gained a lot of prominence in the year 2015 and that is that blacks are the real Jews.

Hasan ended this post of his by writing “Now, I am off to my favorite hobby that I cannot imagine ending my day without and it is called Judi Bola.”

This Russian author, blogger and gambler believes that Vyasa wasn’t an Indian

Vladimir Abdulov is a Russian author and blogger who was born, raised and still lives in the city of Moscow.

Vladimir traveled with OZEN OSHO, after he became fascinated with the Eastern religions, especially Hinduism only to find out that Hinduism is a distorted version of Judaism.

Vladimir recently wrote a book on of the most popular Indian sages which he claims is going to open the eyes of people across the globe, including India about their so-called ‘Only True Religion’.

In his book, Vladimir has claimed that Vyasa was one of the leaders of the lost Jewish tribes who transformed the Abraham’s scrolls and other religious material that the Jews had into a Hindu epic – Mahabharata, which Indians believe to be the greatest epic ever written. Vladimir writes that Vyasa was a great genius, as today 99.99% of the Hindus aren’t aware of the fact that their greatest epic in reality are transformed Jewish teachings.

Vladimir claims that Vyasa wasn’t born to Satyavati or Sage Parashara. It is a myth that he created to gain attention and an excuse to let them know that there is a reason why he looks different than an average Indian male.

Vladimir writes that it seems like the tenth guru of the Sikhs – Guru Gobind Singh, was well aware of the fact that Vyasa was a Jew. Vladimir says that the reason why Guru Gobind Singh referred to Vyasa as Brahma and not Vishnu is proof of the same. Vladimir further adds that any scholar who is well-versed with both Judaism and Hinduism will tell you that Brahma in Hinduism is the distorted version of Abraham in Judaism.

On his blog, Vladimir has mentioned that a day didn’t pass by when he was writing this book that he didn’t bet on

Auckland neurosurgeon of Indian origin is an online casino enthusiast

Dr Lucky Gill is a practicing neurosurgeon of Indian origin at a reputed hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. Dr Lucky is extremely outspoken and has a blog dedicated to brain health, neurosurgery and more.

On his blog, Dr Gill warns that you must not trust those Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors for your kyphoplasty, he claims that they don’t have any specialization in the field at all and if you consult them for a serious treatment like kyphoplasty, you are most likely to regret that decision of yours badly and it can very much cause to you a damage so serious and irreversible.

Dr Gill claims that the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons always make sure to extort the most out of the patient’s pockets. He tells that if your orthopedic who you don’t think is that expert but still trust him tells you to go through a treatment that is against any of the statements mentioned by the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, then blindly go with the advise of this trusted orthopedic doctor instead.

Along with being a medical enthusiast, Dr Gill is also a nzd online casinos, religion and history enthusiast.

Dr Gill claims that the Jews lost their specialty in the eyes of the Yahweh as the chosen ones the day they decided to have one king against the Yahweh’s will and hence the Jewish era can be divided into two parts – Pre-Saul era – when the Jews were really the chosen ones and Post-Saul era – when they lost the title of being the chosen ones in Yahweh’s eyes and heart.

Dr Gill also claims that Suleiman the Magnificent wanted to give all of the Holy Land to the Israelites but the Islamic preachers wouldn’t let him do the same and one even warned him privately of grave consequences.

Polyglot consultant only prefers online gambling in her own national language

Kyle Gog is a language enthusiast who owns and runs an advertisement and business promotion consultancy service business. Kyle also finds that learning different languages helps her business as well.

Kyle’s mother was a school principal and her father ran a clothing store that was so popular that it was perhaps the most popular landmark in the entire neighborhood that it was located in.

Kyle has three sisters including one identical twin. Kyle’s identical twin sister is a Reiki expert who is currently working at a major college that provides certification as well. She aims to have her own Reiki school within one year.

Kyle’s elder sister is an event game organizer who is not happy with her business at all.

Kyle’s youngest sister is a bakery owner.

Kyle recently completed learning the Hindi language and as she is a blogger as well, her first blog post after completing learning the language was in Hindi and about a Bollywood music composer whom she hates with all her heart, his name – Daboo Malik.

Kyle wrote that the prominent Bollywood movie and songwriter – Salim Khan never told Daboo that he was born to be a music composer. It is a story that Daboo made up by himself.

Kyle also wrote that Salim Khan has nothing to do with Daboo’s talent as Daboo has no talent in the first place. Kyle wrote that he claims that his meeting with Salim Khan gave him goosebumps and all that to impress Salim Khan and his sons in order to receive work from them.

Kyle also wrote that the claim by legendary Pakistani singer – Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who is no more with us that Daboo’s brother – Anu Malik copied his songs is absolutely true.

Kyle says that no matter how many languages she learns, she is going to bet only on Korean websites and here is the proof – 먹튀

Brazilian author is more like a conspiracy theorist with a passion for randy adventures

Sophia Fuentes is a Brazilian author from Porto Alegre who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of one of the most infamous English actors ever – Richard Burton.

In her book, Sophia writes that nobody can deny the fact that the foremost reason behind Richard’s alcoholism was his divorces and the foremost reason behind his divorces was his addiction to the alcohol.

Sophia sounds like a conspiracy theorist in most of her book, when she says that Richard Burton was an over-glorified actor and not due to his acting skills but because of his bad addictions, sexual escapades, broken marriages, alcoholism, etc. Sophia claims that the Illuminati wants us to see these guys being awarded and rewarded like no other so that we become dysfunctional like these fellows and they can get to control us very easily.

Sophia also claims that Sally Hay Burton was an Illuminati agent who married the aging and addicted Richard to slow poison him first and then ultimately kill him because the Illuminati was now scared of Richard telling everything. Sally adds that Richard Burton used to be one of their greatest puppets and now it was time for the Illuminati to get rid of him.

Sophia claims that Sally Hay Burton was paid AUD 50 Million by the Illuminati according to some sources to get rid of Richard Burton.

Sophia claims that working of Sally Hay Burton as a freelance production assistant on the set of the TV mini series Wagner was a scripted drama and they really succeeded at it like a piece of cake due to the dimwit of alcoholic victim – Richard Burton.

Sophia works as an escort in Porto Alegre (Acompanhantes Porto Alegre) whenever her husband is out on a business trip to satiate her needs and desires and her husband is well aware of it and he has no issues with it as he believes in keeping Sophia as much happy as possible.

Binh Au has some nice words to say for the Bitcoin Gambling Slots and many harsh words for Liu Xiang

Binh Au is a Vietnamese blogger from the Da Nang city who is also an avid researcher and lover of the Chinese history. Binh has left her full-time job and completely dedicated herself to blogging since she won ten billion Vietnamese Dong with Bitcoin Gambling Slots.

In one of her blog posts dedicated to Tao Yuanming – the ancient Chinese poet, Binh wrote that Tao Yuangming’s love for solitude made many people believe that he was a misanthrope. Binh says that anybody who has read most of the poems written by Tao Yuanming will tell you that he wasn’t a misanthrope at all but he was so passionate and in love with the solitude that he wouldn’t care about what it made others think of him.

Binh Au has always hated the Chinese poet – Liu Xiang and to an extent that she claims that if he weren’t a member of the Royal Dynasty, he would have been nothing. Binh Au goes to the extent of saying that Liu Xiang is definitely the most overrated poet and author from the ancient China. Binh Au also claims that soon enough they discover that Liu Xiang is wrongly credited with most of his other works just like they discovered that he was being wrongly credited for compiling the biographies of the immortals.

Binh Au also says that there is no denying that the son of Liu Xiang – Liu Xin was far more creative and visioned than his father.

Binh Au claims that after the 2nd century’s famous female poet – Zhuo Wenjun ran away with the poet Sima Xiangru to marry him only to find him cheating on her soon enough, the Chinese parents got extra vigilant about their daughters and sisters not eloping with anyone.

Internet Marketer from Medan won millions of Rupiahs within 6 months with PokerQQ

Arzu Rakim is an internet marketer from the city of Medan in Indonesia who believes that an average website will soon be costlier than the real estate and other precious corporeal things.

Arzu recently enjoyed a vacation on the Island of Malta and Gozo where she observed that the internet is as common in their rural areas as it is in their urban areas. Arzu was astonished to see many other great things including marvelous sightseeing in the Island of Malta and Gozo and believes that it is one of the most underrated tourist destination on planet earth if not the most.

Arzu says that there was a time when people used to flaunt how advance and modern have they become by showing that they use online banking but those days are long gone, she says that she really misses those days.

Arzu claims that although the CEO of Google – Sundar Pichai, is an extremely smart man, he has been making silly mistakes that can even end up turning Google into a history soon enough.

Arzu claims that Bing and Yahoo are so scared of Google that they have missed some really great opportunities that could have brought their past glory back.

Arzu claims that the Google is far more powerful than we think or know and so are its bosses that manage it. Arzu claims that the bosses at Google have infinite secret resources at their hand which nobody else knows about.

Arzu has been betting on pokerqq for the past 6 months now and claims to have won millions of Rupiahs within this short span.

British-Turkish author recommends betting on nothing but the most trusted live casinos

Amani James is an author who recently completed writing a book on Ali – Muhammad’s companion, son-in-law and cousin. I just completed reading Amani’s book and here are some of the excerpts from the same:-

Amani says that those Sunnis that disrespect Ali definitely do not know about Laylat al-Mabit when Ali impersonated Muhammad in order to save Muhammad’s life. Amani says that even after knowing about Laylat al-Mabit, they do insult Muhammad then they do not deserve to be called Muslims.

Amani claims that Muhammad was an extremely shy person and this can be learnt from the fact that he invited people to choose Islam secretly for the first 3 years. Amani claims that it was Ali who persuaded Muhammad to invite people publicly for Islam.

Amani says that the historians who claim that Ali was raised by Muhammad because his own father wasn’t well-off financially are totally wrong. Amani says that Muhammad had to raise Ali because Ali’s father died.

Amani claims that there are some people belonging to the Shia community that are encouraging the people belonging to the Hashmi tribe to convert into Shia telling them that Abu Talib was from Banu Hashim and hence you should all turn Shia. Amani claims that it is widely happening in Afghanistan, Iran and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan.

Amani says that they have banned celebrating Ali’s anniversary as Father’s day for Shias in India, Pakistan and many other countries because of the riots that took place in the past due to the same between Shias and Sunnis.

Amani’s blog is popular for Pro-Betting and Pro-Gambling posts, she recommends betting on nothing but the most trusted Live Casino.

British-Indonesian language school owner recently completed creating a documentary on Lata Mangeshkar after he got done compiling the list of trusted card gambling websites

Tim Peterson is a British-Indonesian who has been running his English and Spanish language school near the Mall of Indonesia in North Jakarta for over past 8 years now. Tim recently completed learning the Hindi language and one of the first things that he did with his newfound fluency in the Hindi language was to create a documentary on the life of his most favorite Bollywood singer ever – Lata Mangeshkar.

In this documentary, Tim has mentioned that the Guinness Book of World Records has proven to be a fake time and again. Tim says that them mentioning the exaggerated number of the songs recorded by Lata Mangeshkar till date is just one example. Tim says that he can mention at least hundreds of records that they have mentioned that are clear phony. Tim says that one of the things that he aims to do by the end of the financial year 2019 is to create a documentary on the fake list by Guinness Book of World Records.

Tim has tried to learn a lot about the Indian culture and traditions as well and he is amazed to see the similarities among the three neighboring cultures as well as breeds there – the Marwaris, the Gujaratis and the Marathis. He says that there is a lot common between their dishes, traditions and other aspects which is quite amazing and perhaps nowhere else found in three neighboring communities of India.

Tim says that Lata Mangeshkar’s father dying due to a heart disease at a relatively young age proves how bad the Gujarati and Marathi diet is for the heart. Tim also has a minor heart disease and is prescribed by his doctor to bet on trusted online card gambling site (Situs permainan judi kartu online terpercaya) regularly if he doesn’t want it to grow any further which Tim has been following very obediently.

Toy store owner from Makassar, Indonesia loves online gambling

Trudy Joplin owns a very large and popular toy store in the city of Makassar, Indonesia where all the employees get a cut (commission) for the sales they are responsible than the salary.

On the official website of her toy business, Trudy claims that she has tried to train her staff not trying to upsell at all but it is something which is next to impossible to do when they are working for a cut and not a salary.

Trudy also claims that some toys for the poor foundations are complete scams. Trudy claims that these foundations pay their journalist friends some money to be featured in their articles and TV programs only to extort the generous common people, industrialists and millionaires off their money by telling fake tales about how hard they work to bring toys to the kids.

Trudy believes that it is the responsibility of the governments to interfere and do something about the toys not becoming pricey enough during the Christmas festival and other special occasions. Trudy claims that she has seen several parents literally crying at her store who couldn’t afford toys for their kids at her store.

Trudy recently saw the website of this foundation called “Toys for the Poor Foundation” and found it extremely offensive because in each of the pictures it were the black kids that were depicted as poor kids. Trudy says that if she were one of the government officials, she would take some action against it.

Trudy has been in love with this Situs judi sakong and she says that it looks like she is never going to get enough of it.

Boat Rental Agency owner from Bali loves AgenQQ and Italian Mafia

Frans Tikkanen owns a boat rental agency on the island of Bali. Frans loves everything that his religion prohibit be it AgenQQ or the love for Italian mafia.

Frans has been writing a book on the life and death of one of the most notorious and popular members of the Italian mafia of all times – Carmine Galante.

In his book, Frans claims that the mafia hitman and serial killer – Richard Kuklinski didn’t kill Carmine Galante but he claimed so because he loves to be in the limelight and as he already knew that he was going to be imprisoned for life and the claim that he was among the ones that kill Carmine Galante will make him feature a lot on the television channels and increase his popularity among the people of all kinds, especially his favorite – the criminals.

Frans has mentioned in his book that it wasn’t Carmine Galante in the movie – Donnie Brasco that smoked cigar all the time but it was rather someone else. Even though Frans has several things to back his claim up but the most prominent one that he uses is that Galante wasn’t a boss but rather an underboss and the cigar boss in the Donnie Brasco movie is referred to as ‘The Boss’ each time, even after his death. Frans says that it is the proof that ‘The Boss’ in the Donnie Brasco movie is most likely a completely fictional character.

Frans claims that Carmine Galante was never sent to the reform school due to his involvement in the criminal activities. It is a myth that he himself created that he was sent to a reform school when he was only 10 in order to scare his enemies off and create a badass image of himself.

Bali’s chocolate shop owner introduces a new flavor every month but bets on the same Bandar Bola each day

Amat Rovanio owns a very popular chocolate shop on the island of Bali, Indonesia. There is no denying that Amat Rovanio’s chocolate shop is extremely popular but what is even more popular is the blog that Amat has completely dedicated to the chocolate industry, chocolates and their future.

Amat claims that his shop has more unique to regular flavor ratio than any other chocolate shop in the world but still his shop is not as popular as it should have been. I personally thing Amat wants the whole world for what he has to offer, his chocolate shop is already very popular but he is really one of those who never feel satiated, no matter what.

Amat claims that people are getting more health conscious by the time and this can be known and proven by the fact that they order more chocolates that include nuts more than ever before and they do it compulsively, no matter whether they prefer that flavor the most or not, they still buy chocolates that contain the healthiest ingredients possible. Amat says that’s the reason why for the past couple of years, their whole focus has been on introducing new chocolates that contain nuts.

Amat says that it has been over a decade since his chocolate shop introduced 100% safe chocolates for the diabetics but unfortunately, most diabetics do not seem to trust those. Amat says that he thinks that more Non-Diabetic people buy chocolates for the diabetics than the diabetics themselves.

Amat has been betting on Bandar Bola for some years now to take his mind off the everyday problems and he says that while he is at it, he really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Dermatologist believes that UFAbet and dairy products are good for the health in moderation

Jennifer Popaz is a dermatologist who has been practicing in the city of Pattaya, Bangkok for the past 12 years now. Within these 12 years, Jennifer claims to have evolved a lot and she loves to share the information that she has about the field of dermatology to the common people through her blog.

Jennifer has a sister named Lucia who has been practicing dermatology in the USA for the past 11 years now. Lucia says that it is funny how the Asian patients in the USA prefer Non-Asian doctors but the native ones have no problems with the Asian doctors at all. Lucia and Jennifer both agree on the point that they need to invent a term for this kind of racism.

Jennifer has studied all she could find on the subject of skin in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and she says that it is funny how they attribute a lot of skin health benefits to the dairy products in the east but a lot of skin related problems to the dairy products in the west. Jennifer says that she herself believes that the dairy products are good for the skin in strict moderation but very bad if taken in excess. Jennifer says that she has many vegan patients who do not intake any dairy product at all but seem to have more skin-related issues than their dairy-lover counterparts which speaks for itself that no intake of dairy products at all for the human beings is bad for their skin.

Jennifer is very upset with the law and order of her country and she claims that a fair trial and the courts of third-world countries do not go together. UFAbet seems to be the only escape for Jennifer from this dirty world and she hopes that one day before her death, she will be able to see her country Thailand as good Scandinavia in all respects.

Lester Munyon – An English Teacher got introduced to online gambling through a student of his

Lester Munyon owns a very popular English language school in the city of Medan in Indonesia. Lester says that his school is so great that some of the students that studied at his language school have founded their own schools and many of the learners that didn’t even go through the TEFL course are teaching at other schools.

Lester says that teaching is a very fun job, especially if you are teaching to the adult students belonging to the opposite gender. Lester is not ashamed to admit that he has dated many of his students in the past and one of his students was the one who introduced Lester to online gambling (Judi Online). Lester says that he cannot forget her smile to date and he always wishes the best for her no matter where she is now.

Lester believes that the evolution of the language schools is really something that they should make a documentary about. Lester claims that the language schools have really evolved at a pace unbelievable in the past 10 years and no reputed provides the same old boring style teaching anymore.

All the teachers at Lester’s school are female as he believes and bluntly admits that good-looking female teachers attract more students from both the genders.

Lester extended their TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) course from 120 to 160 hour recently.

Lester claims that some of the most popular Non-Native English speaking pornstars and small-time Hollywood actors also learnt English at his school which I personally find unbelievable as why would they come to Indonesia to learn the English language when there are thousands of those in the USA where they all work or operate.

Extremely smart AC repair contractor couldn’t save himself from getting cheated but fortunately a Messiah came to the rescue

Alex Mason is one of the most successful Air Conditioning Repair Contractors in the city of Miami in Florida. Alex Mason has always been of the belief that a great customer service is as important as a great repair service.

The most astonishing thing about Alex’s AC repair service is that they provide 7 years guarantee for all the parts that they install.

Although Alex is an extremely smart gentleman, even he got fooled and cheated by a Forex trading company a few months back only to teach that phony trading company a lesson by hiring one of the best Binary Options Recovery company ever that goes by the name Assured Recover. Assured Recover didn’t only get Alex’s money back but also sued that fake and phony Forex trading company so hard that they had to shut down their business.

Alex is blunt and bold enough to say that he cannot thank global warming enough for providing himself and his family a lavish living and he wonders how thankful the AC manufacturers can be to the global warming, Alex says that it is really beyond our imagination.

Alex claims that the percentage of his residential customers has risen a lot since the year 2016 while that of the commercial customers has remained stable.

Alex warns his blog visitors that they never ought to trust the AC repair companies/contractors/services that offer discounts way too regularly. Alex claims that they are either incapable or overcharging you.

Alex says that for any AC repair service, investing in technological advancement and/or gadgets helps more than anything else.

Alex predicts that the Taiwanese are going to have the monopoly in the AC manufacturing industry soon enough. Alex disagrees with those completely who believe that the Chinese are going to take over the AC manufacturing industry as well.

Oncologist from Songkhia celebrates each birthday of her with a game of Baccarat

Jocelyn Nguyen is an Oncologist from the city of Songkhia in the Songkhia province of Thailand. Jocelyn is extremely outspoken about the cancer treatment, medical science, oncology and related stuff.

Jocelyn says on her blog that a cancer patient should not settle for anything lesser than the best if he/she can afford it as it may cost him/her their life which is more precious than any of the currencies ever created and once lost cannot come back.

Jocelyn recently got aware of the fact that more and more people from the Eastern European nations have been choosing the Island of Malta and Gozo for getting treated for their cancer which according to Jocelyn is one of the greatest blunders that a cancer patient can make as the number of patients in the Island of Malta and Gozo is always higher than they can treat and also the quality of doctors is not that good as compared to other developed European nations like Italy, Germany, France, England and Scandinavian nations.

Jocelyn claims women who travel a lot during their pregnancy have a higher chance of becoming a victim of cancer in the later years. Jocelyn says that the spouses of these women should do whatever it takes from stopping them from traveling while they are pregnant for their own good only.

Jocelyn claims that Chile and Mexico are better than Canada when it comes to the cancer treatment and she feels really sorry for the citizens of Chile and Mexico that travel all the way to Canada to get treated for cancer believing that Canada is better in this regard just because it is an English speaking country with a higher GDP per capita.

It is Jocelyn’s birthday today and like always she is going to celebrate it with a game of Baccarat (บาคาร่า)

Shaving supply wholesaler turned manufacturer is pro-online gambling and encourages everyone to indulge heavily in the same

Clara Than used to be a wholesaler of shaving supplies which she sold on Amazon, eBay and other websites until she found her own company that manufactures a wide variety of shaving supplies which is quite rare for a woman.

Clara uses only internet for the marketing and promotion of her brand and her most favorite way of gaining popularity for her brand is blogging. Clara writes almost about everything on her blog, from online gambling (먹튀) to traveling and conspiracy theories as well.

Clara recently traveled to India and Pakistan for business where she noticed that eating at McDonalds is considered a luxury in India and Pakistan. Clara claims that eating at the KFC or Subway is even considered a greater luxury there and surprisingly enough, the KFC sells it cheaper in Pakistan than the McDonalds while the scenario is quite the opposite in India.

Clara predicts that the cinema industry is reaching the day of its funeral at a very rapid pace and soon enough there will not be a cinema industry anymore. Clara claims that the mainstream movie industry mafia around the world will itself be responsible for its funeral as they have long ago stopped focusing on the quality and content of the movies and have been putting all their focus and concentration on the promotion and publicity of the movies. Clara predicts that first the remained up movie industry by 2030 will be eaten by the free access to pirate sites and others. Clara predicts that many of the so-called movie stars will be forced to work as full-time Youtubers, many will start some full-time small and big businesses, some will start working at 9-5 jobs and some will even commit suicide.

Songdo-dong’s Architect may not have a big dong but he has Toto sites

Caton Nah owns a very popular architecture firm in the city of Songdo-dong responsible for creating over 1000 apartments and other buildings.

Caton named his first born son – Vitruvius after the Roman author, architect and engineer. Caton believes that he is the greatest fan of Vitruvius in this era and says that all his friends and family members get tired of his obsession with Vitruvius.

Caton is quite critical of the lack of passion amongst modern architects towards their profession. Caton claims that if not for the latest state-of-the-art-technology, the modern architecture would be good for nothing. Caton claims that the modern architects may create more aesthetic, functional and beautiful buildings but they definitely lack the heart and passion of the medieval and ancient architects.

Caton recently enjoyed a trip to the Island of Malta and Gozo after coming back from where he wrote on his blog that no other country has maintained Palazzos and their tradition like the Island of Malta and Gozo and these Palazzos are a part of what makes the Island of Malta and Gozo one of the most beautiful nations on earth.

Caton claims that his firm has been focused on providing the most creative designs without charging a fortune since the very day of its inception.

Currently, Caton’s company is working on a big project which Caton claims is going to be unique in the world as it will be a mixture of the Arab and Japanese architecture and give a glimpse of both at all times.

Caton says that he has been really fascinated with the Ancient Mayan architecture for a while and wishes to work on a project inspired by the Ancient Mayan architecture soon enough and till then he will use Toto sites (토토사이트) as a form of only entertainment for himself.

Popular cafe owner is proud of her coffee and her online gambling tactics

Maly Din owns the most popular cafe in her neighborhood and her cafe is also one of the most popular in the city it is situated in which is not a small thing as it is a metro city.

Maly doesn’t use any other tactic than blogging to popularize her cafe and her blog contains posts related to other things than the coffee as well.

Maly claims that her cafe is the most favorite location of several coffee lovers that settle for nothing but the best and she claims to serve the highest quality of coffee to the customers as well.

Maly claims that friendly staff sometimes matters more than the quality of the coffee and baked goods that the cafe serves and she thanks god that she has the best of all 3 at her cafe.

Maly has been considering replacing the single-stall public restrooms at her large cafe with the traditional ones and she has set a poll on her blog asking for responses as she might have to raise the prices of the coffee and other things that they serve in order to replace the current restrooms.

Maly claims that vegan and gluten free baked goods are more in trend than ever before and for that very reason they are considering manufacturing those at Maly’s cafe itself in order to serve the best of those at the best prices possible.

Maly says that she never trusts an Adword ad but always clicks on each and every that she finds. Maly has never used Adword for advertising his coffee shop and she is really proud of the same.

Maly is a gambling lover like most of the readers of this blog and she is always glad to introduce her friends to the most reliable football gambling agents around (Agen Bola).

Kanchanaburi’s ice cream queen is addicted to sbobet gambling and she brags about it

Achara Wion owns one of the most popular ice cream shops ion the city of Kanchanaburi in the province of Thailand with the same name. Achara’s ice cream shop serves over 60 different ice cream flavors and they are currently working on creating at least 30 delicious different ice cream flavors for the lactose intolerant.

The best selling ice cream at Achara’s ice cream shop surprisingly is fried chicken ice cream which is very unusual in Thailand but Achara’s ice cream shop really does it great which is the reason why the sales of their fried chicken ice cream has only grown over time.

Achara recently wrote on her blog that a huge variety of toppings and blends never mattered as much as it does now. Achara even once wrote on her blog that who would have thought that the White dominated western nations will one day be forced to have mostly Kosher products in their ice cream shops in order for them to survive and thrive.

Achara is also a political activist and she has a separate blog for her views about politics and the conspiracies that she smells across the world.

Achara says that it is funny how the liberals used to be overall wealthier on an average till the 1990s but it is the conservatives that are far wealthier than the liberals nowadays.

Achara claims that the current CEO of eBay is a sold out and he has been doing his best to destroy eBay since the day he joined it.

Achara claims that Abraham never went to Mecca and it is a myth created by the fake historians and religious experts in order for them to exploit people belonging to all the Abrahamic religions.

Achara doesn’t hesitate to tell the world that she has been addicted to gambling for long, especially sbobet (ทางเข้า sbobet ล่าสุด)

Yahweh showers good luck on those who bet on Live Casinos each Friday and Sunday

Beren Colak owns a successful accounting firm in Bandung City, Indonesia. Beren claims that they maintain the highest level and standard of professionalism in the business in the entire province of West Java.

Beren believes that the uniqueness of products and services doesn’t matter as much as their value for money in today’s tough economy and that’s the very reason why her firm believes in providing the best value for money services to both regular and new clientele.

Beren has a very popular blog on the official website of her very popular accounting firm where she posts more about the conspiracy theories than accounting.

Beren claims that the Yahweh himself appeared to her in a dream and told her that he will start talking to her regularly just like he did with all the Messiahs if she learns the Hebrew language. Beren has been learning Hebrew language through Youtube videos ever since and claims to have made a lot of progress within a short span of time.

Beren claims that the Yahweh has already appeared to her once again and told her that the Garden of Eden was located by the Rangous river in the nation called Tanzania. He also ordered her to bet on a Live Casino each Friday and Sunday and see Yahweh shower good luck on her.

Beren claims that the official language of the nation called Fiji still being English instead of the Fijian is the greatest proof that the nation called England still rules the world.

Beren loves to eat olives and whenever she gets complimented for her great skin, she attributes it to the olives that she regularly eats. Beren claims that the olives found in the African nation called Eritrea are the healthiest of them all.

Beren believes that the most overlooked growth in the industrial sector is in the chemical and pharma industry. Beren says that she smells some conspiracy in the case that they don’t glorify the growth of the chemical and pharma industry anywhere in the world.

Flop attorney from Bangkok city enjoyed a vacation to Macedonia with 99 step money

Niran Dejsuwan is a Bangkok based law firm owner who inherited a law firm from his grandfather founded by Niran’s great-grandfather. Niran sold out the law firm immediately after inheriting it and donated the money that came from it to different Catholic welfare organizations out of his generosity and self-respect.

After selling out the inherited law firm, Niran started practicing independently as a criminal attorney and within a matter of 8 years, rose up to hire over 100 attorneys at the law firm he founded just after one year of practicing independently.

Niran has a very beautiful, aesthetic and functional website where they also have a mailing list option for legal updates. Niran was very particular about a good-looking and functional website since the very beginning of finding his own law firm.

Niran, his wife and his kids are very proud of Niran. Niran’s wife also comes from a family of lawyers and justices. Her grandfather was a justice and her father and mother were lawyers.

Niran is very disappointed with the slowly progressing legal system all across the globe and he believes that the legal system and profession needs to be completely updated everywhere on earth. Nevertheless, Niran also claims that the role of law firms in development of a nation and its economy is underrated almost everywhere.

Niran used to be a marvelous basketball player in the school and so was his best friend who also chose legal profession as his destiny only to regret it later. This best friend of Niran used to argue a lot as a teenage boy and his inspiration to become a lawyer was that everyone told him that he could fulfill his hobby of arguing by becoming a lawyer and were they wrong? This best friend of Niran hasn’t got a case yet who is he going to argue with? This best friend of Niran recently enjoyed a trip to Macedonia with the money he won with บอลสเต็ป99 (99 steps)and he loved it.

Nationwide taxi service owner spends at least a couple of hours playing Toto

Jamie Chon is a South Korean from the city of Anyang. Jamie started off as a cab driver back in the late 1990s but today he owns a large fleet of taxis with offices in different cities of South Korea including Seoul, Busan and Changwon.

Jamie has a blog on the official website of his taxi service where he regularly makes posts about the auto industry and other things. For example, Jamie says that latest innovations, mostly the ones that took place after the financial year 2009 have taken away the joy of watching and participating in F1 racing.

Jamie believes that no matter what, McLaren will always be the king of Formula 1. Jamie says that all those bashing McLaren are either fools or paid to do so. Jamie goes to the extent of saying that all the surveys showing McLaren as the second most favorite or third most favorite of the F1 lovers are fake surveys.

Jamie says that gone are the days when German cars could be considered superior to their rivals just because they were made in Germany. Jamie says that nowadays the Japanese and American car makers are doing a much better job than their German counterparts and each time someone mentions to you that they are buying a car just because it was made in Germany or they are proud of the German technology in their car, just take them as a rookie.

Although Jamie is a critic of the German cars, she claims that Porsche Cayenne Turbo is an unparalleled 4×4 for the past 17 years.

Jamie loves himself a good game of Toto and this can be known from the fact that he spends at least a couple of hours per day on Toto websites (토토사이트)

Automobile lover entrepreneur from Thailand loves Baccarat as much as she loves controversies

Sanoh Koc owns a company that has been involved in manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting car seat covers from Thailand to all over the world.

Sanoh is an automobile enthusiast to an extent that many cannot even comprehend what she finds so fascinating about the automobiles. Sanoh has three official websites for her business and each of the websites has a blog attached where only Sanoh is allowed to post and she doesn’t let anyone else post there. Sanoh is popular for making blunt statements on her blog and she doesn’t care whether she receives negative or positive comments for her posts there.

Sanoh has traveled around the world and she claims that in Mexico, Brazil, India and Pakistan, Big is greater than beautiful and it doesn’t matter how well of a fit, finish, design and other qualities your tiny car has, if it is huge in size then only it considered a value for money purchase. Sanoh says that the case is the worst in Mexico and India. Sanoh says that it is still acceptable to an extent for Mexico where the roads are wide though bumpy and the traffic is not that bad but in India the road traffic is so bad that the one who never visited the country cannot even imagine how bad it may sometimes get and in that bad traffic your car is supposed to be only big in size. Sanoh goes to an extent of saying that the Indians need a bigger brain not bigger cars.

When Sanoh is not busy expanding her business or making controversial and blunt posts on the official websites of her business, she is busy playing online baccarat (บาคาร่า).

Know the best-kept-secret of this Danish online gift baskets seller

Loki Svendsen sells gift baskets online and makes over 15000 Euros with the same per month. Well, Loki makes even more money with her best kept secret which I am sharing with you Her

Loki is an auto blogger along with being an entrepreneur and she doesn’t miss a chance to advertise and/or promote her gift baskets business on her auto blog.

Loki’s automotive blog is full of interesting and controversial posts. Loki says that it is funny that Hyundai’s diesel engines are more refined, practical and plush than their petrol engines. Loki says that Suzuki should stop buying diesel engines for their cars from Fiat and rather look Hyundai-wards for the same.

Loki says that Hyundai and KIA are the flagship of Korean talent, skill and intelligence and it looks like no other Korean brand is going to replace these 2 in terms of legacy in the coming 50 years to say the least.

Loki says that it is a shame that many of the Czech people that she met aren’t proud of their Skoda but would rather be seen driving a Japanese, American or German car.

Loki’s great-grandfather died at the age of 102. He used to believe that he was a Shaman and the Shamanic magic is real till the last day of his life. He always attributed his extravagant long lifespan to the Shamanic magic as well.

One of Loki’s college friends made love to his wife all the time using Mantak Chia’s sexual kung-fu practices only to catch testicular cancer after 11 months of doing so. He lost one of his balls and hundreds of thousands of dollars to it. He now eats aphrodisiacs all day long to get himself hard at night and many times even fails to get hard even after so much of an effort.

He is friends with the most trusted online gambling agent and he owns a wheel and rim business

Joshua Khan owns a wheel and rim business that mostly sells imported exotic wheels and rims.

Joshua is a blogger as well who is popular for writing and posting controversial posts. Joshua claims that the Muftis have been making feuds and trolling each other on the Youtube in order to gain attention, viewers and publicity. Joshua also says that Muftis have been divided into reliable and non-reliable Muftis nowadays.

Joshua claims that the justice system and the justices of the third-world countries are sold out and if you don’t believe him then just try doing a business in any third world country.

Joshua says that he wants to create a revolution in the world of automobile brakes. He says that he has already been working on creating the same. Joshua claims that this new technology if successful will stop the accidents by a great percentage.

Joshua doesn’t believe in birth control methods himself, he claims to be a pro-life himself but Joshua applauds the Skore condoms for hiring Chris Gayle – a black man with high stamina as their brand ambassador to convey their message in a conservative country like India that they have durable and huge condoms. Joshua really applauds the Skore company for the same.

Joshua claims that the pirates weren’t a happy people as they are depicted by the Hollywood movies but they were extremely melancholic people instead, he says. Joshua claims that all the Scandinavian people that he know are mostly found depressed for no reason and they also lack a good sense of humor.

Joshua recently wrote about how the Muslims consider Darwin to be more dangerous than all the terrorists and Non-Muslims combined. Joshua also wrote how all his Muslim friends and relatives consider his friendship with the most trusted gambling agent (agen bola terpercaya) to be evil and dangerous for his afterlife.

Creative juice bar owner is addicted to Togel Hongkong

Darren McMahon is a juice bar owner who has been working on creating a side-effect free alternative to rogaine. Dareen believes that if successful, the product will be able to make him a billionaire within a matter of months if not weeks. Darren says that the product will be shampoo friendly and can be included in the shampoos as well.

Darren is the brother of a prolific and innovative entrepreneur who was also featured in the popular show – Shark Tank.

Darren is addicted to the motivational videos on the Youtube and he claims that Arnold Schwazernager is a liar. He claims that all his motivational talks are full of lies and when asked for the proof, he says “What more proof do you need than him being a politician?”

Darren believes in evolutionary process and he also believes that with evolution we definitely gain more but lose some of our qualities as well. Darren believes that there is no such thing as a totally normal human being and we all lack in something. What’s important according to Darren is that we must stay true to ourselves.

Darren has studied different religions including Hinduism and he claims that in Hinduism thee is a mention of atoms and molecules. He claims that the atoms represent the holy trinity and the molecules represent the evil, according to Hindu religion.

Darren keeps experimenting with calcium and he has successfully created different solutions of calcium till date.

There was a time when Darren used to sell boxing gloves on eBay, he delivered those himself, while selling those, he noticed that the boxing gloves are extremely popular with the black community. Since his days as an eBay seller, Darren has been addicted to online gambling and his most favorite gambling website is tgl hk.

Outspoken Talent Agency owner claims to have made thousands of dollars with his favorite pastime – s128

Spencer Das is a very outspoken talent agency owner and operator from Los Angeles who claims that he is so much addicted to running a talent agency that he would prefer operating his talent agency for lesser than a minimum wage. Spencer claims that he would rather prefer to be a talented talent agent like he is over becoming a dictator of any country in the world.

Spencer says that most talent agency owners (himself excluded) have gone rude and disrespectful recently because of the scolding that they keep on receiving and hearing in different forms all the time from the disappointed so-called talents as the number of the wannabe actors are increasing, especially the ones that don’t even deserve to be C-grade movie actors but think very highly of themselves.

Spencer advises to the youngsters seeking a talent agency for themselves that they should never sign up for a talent agency that doesn’t have a good-looking and functioning website.

Spencer doesn’t understand the recently popularized concept of off-screen talent agencies. Spencer believes that all those that have been running off-screen talent agencies are committing a great blunder.

Spencer claims that the talent agencies that claim you only need to pay when you work are either run by scammers or fools. Spencer says that no talent agency in the modern times can survive this way, let alone thrive.

Spencer believes that like in case of any other business or profession, the actors must also focus on one skill at a time.

Spencer enjoys betting on s128 in the spare time and he says that it is his most favorite pastime which is also responsible for making him thousands of dollars.

Top Messenger service founder celebrates Sabbath with gambling

Shirley Phogat used to be the head of the administrative support operations department head until she recently created a chat service aimed for gamers exclusively. Shirley claims that the real inspiration for creating this chat/messenger service was Slackchat and Discord. Shirley says that she aims to surpass both Slackchat and Discord in terms of number of the users and activity.

Shirley’s favorite subject in the school used to Chemistry and she is notorious for making blunt statements that attract a lot of controversies about the subject. Shirley claims that ancient Indians used to have a distinct formula to create chalk but the Brits made them forget the same soon after they invaded their country.

Shirley claims that semen can turn into precious crystals when it is stored for centuries. Shirley says that she has been working on finding a solution that will be able to turn semen into precious crystals almost instantly. Shirley says that she has been making the best use of her boyfriend’s semen since she started off on this journey. Shirley has been dating this devout Muslim who only wears green or black clothes on the occasion of Jumma (Friday).

Shirley has also always been interested in history. Shirley claims that the historians have deliberately chosen to bury the history of the Middle-East, especially the modern day Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar for their agenda. Shirley claims that this part of the world has always had a very rich history which could even surpass the Indian subcontinent and the greatest proof of this is the city of Petra.

Shirley is not a Jew but she celebrates her Sabbath with betting on credit deposits (judi pulsa online).

She imports cars from the Republic of China and bets on Indonesian websites

Rosa Munj imports cars from Alibaba, labels those with her own brand name and sells the same nationwide through eBay. Before finding this business, Rosa used to be an Assistant GM for Administrative Support department at Amazon Inc.

Rosa decided to enter the car industry because cars are her greatest passion after gambling. Rosa’s most favorite gambling website is qq288 and her favorite car maker is Mercedes.

Rosa says that if you are confused about which color to choose for the car that you are going to buy then go with the black and you cannot go wrong.

Rosa claims that Jaguar Land Rover (also known as JLR) was always notorious for its unreliability and since the takeover by the Indian company Tata – one of the most unreliable car maker of India, JLR has reached unprecedented levels of unreliability and the day is not far when JLR will be history.

Rosa claims that most of the Questions and Answers on most of the auto magazines are fake and intended for the agenda of sales for the brands that bribe these magazines to write such articles.

Rosa has studied the Indian auto industry very well and she claims that road presence, fuel efficiency and resale value, if your car has these 3 qualities then the success of your car is guaranteed on the Indian subcontinent. Rosa claims that 95% of the vehicles sold in India possess all these 3 qualities.

Rosa believes that airbags are the most overrated safety feature ever and they hardly help in case of an accident. Rosa claims that curtain airbags can sometimes be responsible for more danger than not having any airbag at all. Rosa says that the greatest gimmick in the history of airbags yet is Volvo’s pedestrian airbag.

Football gambling brings good luck according to this passionate-about-life HR manager

Derya Ibrahim is a HR manager at a health care service providing company. Derya has been buying stocks for a while and he says that soon enough if he makes enough money, he will start investing in the new startups and his greatest inspiration is not Warren Buffet but Ram Shri Ram, one of the investors at Google Inc.

Derya says that he owes his grandfather more for raising him up well than he does to his parents. Derya also likes to joke about his grandfather. He makes fun about how his grandfather used to make fun of the old people that wore woolen caps only to wear one himself after he crossed the age 70.

Derya loves to investigate political conspiracies and he claims that the only real terrorist state is Sudan, rest of the terrorist organizations are either funded by the USA or Russia in order to defame Islam and the Muslims. Derya claims that the truth will soon be uncovered in front of the eyes of the people and the governments of the USA and the Russia are going to regret their evil deeds that day.

Derya claims that the airliner carrying 264 Nigerian Haj pilgrims in the year 1991 crashing was the part of a major conspiracy against the nation of Saudi Arabia and Derya has been finding proofs which he will upload on his own website and on the Youtube to prove his claim.

Derya also claims that defaming Venezuela and its chiefs is a part of the conspiracy of the United States in order to steal all the Venezuelan oil. Derya says that most people understand these conspiracies and most people are not fools as the USA thinks but they are scared about their lives.

Derya also believes that calling gambling evil is a part of the agenda of the governments and the religions so that the people don’t become rich. Derya claims that betting on football gambling websites has always brought him great fortune and that’s the reason why the Hindus also bet during the festival of Diwali. Derya says that he knows about each and every trusted football gambling agent (Agen Judi Bola) that is out there.

Raised up to be a strict Catholic, Noam loves online cock fighting

Noam Bode is a wealthy businessman who owns a company that is involved in manufacturing doorbells and another company that manufactures and sells storage devices like desktop internet hard disk and micro SD cards.

Noam grew up in a strict catholic household. Noam’s mother died in a road accident when he was only 3 and he was raised up by his parental grandparents and his father. Noah’s father and grandparents were very much against the co-education from the very beginning and when it was time for Noam to enter into the 9th grade, they sent him to study at Salesanium School – An Independent school for boys located in Wilmington, Delaware. Noam wanted to study in a co-education school very badly, so badly that he started smoking and drinking secretly to relieve his stress and depression.

Noam says that those that talk about god all the time aren’t aware a bit of what god really is. Noam says that the only ones that can experience or have known some of what god is like are the ones that don’t fall into the category of atheists, apatheists, pantheists, theists, etc.

Noam started his career as an Analyst at a Multinational Bank. It was a long journey for him to rise up to being a multi-millionaire and Noam says that even though he is so much experienced now, he still makes silly mistakes like losing hundreds of thousands of money with Twitter ads. Noam lost hundreds of thousands of dollars with Twitter ads in the year 2017 and it all happened when Noam started believing that he is an expert at marketing now. Noam now is used to saying that pride comes before the fall and even though he doesn’t completely agree with the bible, losing hundreds of thousands of dollars with Twitter ads really made him believe somewhat in the same.

Noam speaks Indonesian language fluently and one of the best things about having a command in the language according to Noam is enjoying sabung ayam online.

Her family brought about a revolution in the Indian food industry of Indonesia and she cannot get enough of FUN88

Natalia Nguyen’s family brought about a revolution in the Indian food industry in Indonesia when they became the first company in Indonesia to manufacture Chapati Making Machine, Semi-Automatic Chapati Making Machine, Dough Bell Making Machine, Automatic Chaki Making Machine and Automatic Chapati Making Machine. The family business has been doing great and even better than the family expected since the day of its inception and the family has never been so happy together ever before.

Natalia also owns a couple of independent businesses. Natalia used to own one of the largest spammy link farms in the early 2000s and she currently owns one of the largest online furniture stores.

Natalia loves to recall the trip that she once made to the New York City once when she was still a teenager and her dad was curious about the roof top bars all the time during their time there.

Natalia’s current boyfriend whom Natalia has been dating for over past 3 years owns a company which he likes to keep so private that he never tells anybody what it is all about. Natalia doubts that he runs a customized silverware business but she is still not sure about the same. He is the one who told Natalia about FUN88 Alternatif which Natalia has got addicted to ever since she touched it.

Natalia claims that there is not a single healthy human being that doesn’t fart 4-5 times a day. Natalia says that all those that claim they don’t fart at least 4-5 times a day are either fasting or are liars.

Natalia has been watching the Mechanic Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer’s videos for a while and she claims that she is certain that he is an Uber Cab agent. Natalia claims that Scotty Kilmer appreciates Toyota and Lexus all the time and Honda sometimes as a part of a larger promotion package. Natalia believes that Scotty’s ultimate aim is to promote Uber cabs and not to promote Toyota or Lexus or even Honda or Acura.

Online Gambling freak buys low and sells high

Brian Dettling inherited millions of dollars from his parents when they both died. Brian doesn’t believe in doing any business in the current tough economy of the USA. All that Brian does is he buys vintage and used cars for low price and sell those for at least double the price that he bought those for. He also buys real estate at low price and sell the same at high price.

Brian recently sold a 1931 Bentley 8 Litre for 500, 000 USD to a Casino owner. Although Brian knows almost every casino owner in the USA, but he himself likes to bet only on Situs Judi Bola Resmi.

Brian claims that he already knew that FJ Cruiser will be hugely in demand once Toyota stops its productions. Brian had 101 FJ Cruisers standing at his different garages on the day they stopped production of the FJ Cruiser, he has already sold 2 of those for double the price that he bought those for. He says that he will not compromise at all when it comes to the price and will not sell the same for anything lesser than double the price, he expects to sell all the remaining ones by the end of the financial year 2022.

One third of Brian’s cousins are engineers, one third are lawyers and the rest are in medical field, thanks to the hard work of Brian’s parents, he only completed high school and lives a better life than any of his cousins.

Brian is a health freak as well and he claims that there is a cure for the diabetes in Ancient Arabic medicine.

Brian hears voices occasionally, he doubts and fears that it is a ghost whispering in his ears and although an atheist, he starts praying at the time he hears those whispers.

Nature is smarter than you think and Bingo has made more millionaires than you think as well

Ridhima Duggal is an Indian-American who owns a laptop retail store in Miami, Florida. Ridhima claims to have lost more money with HP Pavilion series than any other product she ever sold at her store.

Ridhima recently traveled to India after decades. Ridhima noticed worst things that she never witnessed before ever in India on this trip. Ridhima noticed that there are hundreds of thousands of fake doctors currently operating in the Indian subcontinent and nobody is there to keep a check on them.

Ridhima is very open-minded and she is not ashamed to admit that the Indians that work hard want the whole world to appreciate it. Ridhima claims that the Indians are not used to hard work and they never worked as hard in the history of mankind before. Ridhima says that due to their ambition, the Indians have started working extremely hard and although they are working hard, they are not able to keep relaxed and calm like their western counterparts doing that and they want the whole world to come to their knees and worship them because they worked so hard and if you don’t believe Ridhima, then take a look at the Silicon Valley, you will comprehend what she is trying to convey. Ridhima says that almost everybody in big cities of India is extremely rude, mean and arrogant just because they are pushing all their limits to reach to the level of the elite and after getting disappointed, they become rude, mean and arrogant.

Ridhima claims that the nature doesn’t consider anything as good or evil and that’s the reason why Ridhima is very often found betting on Bingo with PayPal.

Winning a lottery turned this atheist health freak into a religious one

Jane Jones was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but she has been living in the Oklahoma city for the past few years. Jane is a total health freak and this should be evident from the fact that she frequents gym 12 hours a week and has her own health blog as well.

Jane claims that eating Cherimoya fruit all the time makes you fat and unhealthy but it gives you psychic abilities as well but Jane would personally prefer staying healthy and slender than having psychic capabilities and so would most of us.

Jane claims that she suffered with excessive gas problem in the past which was cured by her regular fasting.

Jane also claims that the Keto diet is a conspiracy by the governments and health institutions to lower the IQ of the common people. Jane says that they should stop calling Keto diet an adequate protein diet which it is clearly not. Jane claims that diary and nut industries are a great stakeholder in the Keto diet business and it is clearly evident. Jane receives a lot of comments on blog post when she wrote “Keto Diet – High fat food will burn your body fat along with your health, inner organs and brain cells.”

Jane has surveyed many epileptic kids and there is one thing common among them all and that is that their bodies haven’t been growing like regular kids anymore like it once did. Jane believes that the treatment being given to these kids for the past 2 decades and the diet prescribed to them is responsible for the same.

Jane never believed in god until recently when she wanted to accumulate funds to start her own gym and she prayed to the god to show her a way so that she can have a gym of her own – God appeared to her in her dream and told her that if she buys a OK lottery, she will get all the funds required to start her own gym in the Oklahoma city which she did the very next day and really won enough money to start her own gym. She has been going to the Sunday Church ever since then.

Engineer, blogger and conspiracy theorist successfully replaced his porn addiction with Polobet

Lucas Jardel is a senior consultant at an IT services company. Lucas runs a conspiracy theories blog and his blog is one of the Alexa’s top 100, 000 in terms of the traffic and it has a great visitor retention rate as well.

Lucas claims that he has a secret hidden meaning when he says that two swords cannot exist within a single Dhal (a Persian sword container) but one hammer and one sword most definitely can.

Lucas believes that each and every space agency across the world without any exception has been telling us lies or half-truths. Lucas believes that the truth will prevail and the reality will soon come in front of everyone’s eyes.

Lucas claims that the rocket scientists are skeptical that there are heaven and hell but they are not telling anyone about it.

Lucas claims that the ancient Greeks between the 7th and 5th century were working on several different things including space missions until a new generation of sex-addicts and alcoholics took over the nation of Greece.

Lucas believes that animal rights and human rights don’t go together and the ones advocating the animals rights are either out of their minds or doing it for the publicity. Lucas regularly advocates on his blog to boycott these animal rights activists.

Lucas claims that Arnold Schopenhauer was a suicide motivator and if you love your near and dear ones then do your best to keep them away from Arnold Schopenhauer’s writings and philosophy.

Lucas claims that the most infamous Prime Minister of England of all times – Winston Churchill only used to envy two people in his life – Josef Stalin and Henry Ford.

Lucas is very regular to betting on Polobet websites and he can be found betting on Polobet usually during the midnight. Lucas also successfully replaced his porn addiction with Polobet addiction.

Fernando sells toys online and offline but bets only online

Fernando Flores owns a toy retail store in the Downtown area of Austin, Texas. Fernando also sells his toys online and he claims that more and more parents now prefer to buy toys online for their kids than ever before. He claims that more parents than ever before are also giving preference to the toys that enhance creativity and concentration power in the kids.

Fernando believes that the reason why more parents than ever before now prefer to buy toys online is to save themselves from the tantrums of their kids at the toy store. Fernando has the first-hand experience about this and he says that almost 45% of the kids cry and scream at his store for more toys.

Fernando claims that he only sells high quality toys at the cheapest prices possible and if he cannot sell them at the cheapest prices, he doesn’t sell those at all. Fernando claims that he sells the cheapest both at his brick and mortar store and his eBay store. Fernando also claims that he always acts very personable and also provides custom services both online and offline.

Fernando’s dream is to become the next Mattel.

Fernando always keeps working on reducing his sleep hours and he also believes in the law of attraction. Fernando claims that on the days when he is very eager to make money and rise up to the top, both his online and offline stores receive huge sales.

Fernando claims that on the days when he feels extremely ambitious, he also wins a lot of money with Mariobet. But Fernando says that he fails to feel ambitious on most of the days and feels lethargic mostly. Fernando has tried several different diets and other things to turn himself from a lazy-ass wanker to a hyperactive ambitious guy.

Female Entrepreneur has 14 bank accounts out of which 2 are completely dedicated to her online betting adventures

Ruth Booth started her career as an ABAP developer for a multinational corporation but now she owns a company of her own that provides Business Process Outsourcing Services.

Ruth has over 14 different bank accounts and you will perhaps be surprised to know that out of these 14 bank accounts, she has dedicated 2 bank accounts completely dedicated to her online gambling addiction. One of these 2 accounts is being used only for her Betist adventures for the past few months. Ruth has completely fallen in love with the game called Betist and she is proud to be a betist herself.

Ruth also struggled to become a full-time popular Youtuber back in 2017 only to find out that Youtubing is not about the quality of the videos or content anymore but your success on Youtube completely depends upon how good are you at marketing yourself. Ruth was the first one to create a video about the blackmailer that tried to blackmail one of the Ford family members with a sex video only to get caught by the police the next day. The quality of the video was beyond great but still Ruth’s video didn’t get as popular as the popular Youtubers that copied Ruth’s video and told the tale in their dull and energy-less voices.

Ruth along with her mechanical engineer friends has been trying to create disposable diesel engines that will have to be replaced after 160 days or 6000 square miles, whichever occurs sooner. Ruth says that she came up with the idea after she learnt that millions of people across the world cannot afford a new car and the engines of their previous car have died. Ruth says that she doesn’t like to see anyone traveling through a cab unless they are a tourist or don’t have a driving license and to combat the situation, she has been working on this idea that she came up with.

SEO Agency owner claims he made more dough betting than he did selling stuff on eBay and Amazon combined

Imran Shafi is a graphic designer at a major online clothing store. Imran also co-founded a SEO agency about an year ago with one of his best friends whom Imran has been friends with since the school days.

Although involved in SEO industry for over a long one year, Imran claims that SEO, Internet Marketing and Adwords have definitely become something overrated.

Imran says that he is going to create a short Youtube movie soon enough inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky but the main difference will be that the Rocky Balboa of this short movie will start from the bottom of the SEO world and ultimately reach the top in a short time. The story will be about a guy that starts as an extremely low-paid freelancer providing Social Media Marketing services and ends up becoming the founder of the most successful Social Media website in the history of the internet.

Imran has tried selling on both eBay and Amazon in the past and he claims that Amazon has a lower click-to-convert ratio than eBay. Imran says that it is also a lot more fun selling on eBay than on Amazon. Those were the days when Imran couldn’t get enough of betting on situs togel terpercaya. Imran says that his betting addiction really came in his way of selling on both eBay and Amazon but Imran couldn’t care less because he made more money winning bets than he could selling stuff on eBay and Amazon combined.

Imran discourages people from using long-tail search keywords on his blog. He claims that the long-tail keywords aren’t as useful as they once used to be.

Imran says that if anybody tells you that one-third of the clicks on the Adwords are fraudulent then the person either has very vague knowledge about the Adwords or it has been long since they last used Adwords. Imran says that the Google has really done a marvelous job in terms of combating the fraudulent clicks and they don’t account for more than 1/10th of the total clicks on a Google Adwords advertisement on an average anymore.

Luxury women’s clothing brand owner loves GCLUB more than her clothing brand

Adriana Rahi started her luxury women’s clothing brand by setting up the first store at Portsmouth, Dominica in the year 2007 and she has not looked back ever since.

Adriana even thought about having her own VIP men’s lounge once.

Although Adriana is one of the richest women on the Island of Dominica, she refrains from upgrading her car. She believes that the car makers are extorting their customers by offering upgradation that is utterly useless unless if that is what you really searched for. Adriana blames Hyundai and KIA for making this happen along with the German luxury car manufacturers.

Adriana lived in India for a long while and she hates the vibe that the entire country has to offer. Adriana says that if it weren’t for business, she would not stay for one second. Adriana’s only good friend while she was there in India used to be the game of จีคลับออนไลน์

Adriana says that Indians still suffer from the slave complex. She says that they haven’t yet been able to come out of the nostalgia of being slaves. Adriana says that they first used to fear the Mughals, then the British and now the distinguished local men and women. Adriana says that the distinguished men and women are literally worshiped as gods by most in India.

Adriana was the one to sponsor the study that discovered that taller people are less interested in Coca-Cola or Pepsi but more interested in energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, 5-hour energy and others. Adriana says that the only reason her clothing brand survives is because she conducted this study which really helped boost her brand.

Adriana says that the brand Red Bull got so much impressed by this study sponsored by Adriana that they offered her husband 6 million USD to have an elevator shaped and painted like a Red Bull can in his shopping mall which her husband was more delighted to do.

Bought a new toaster with the money she won with betting online, her next target is buying a car

Andy Pooler started her career as a growth manager at a software services company and today she owns a software company of herself.

Andy lived in India for a while and she is highly critical of the Indians, their culture, tradition and narrow-mindedness. She says that the narrow-mindedness and disparity in India still persists as it did back in the pre-colonial era. She also hated the way the Indians make so much of noise while eating.

Andy is highly critical of most parents around the world as well and she claims that over 40% of the parents around the world are tyrants in one way or another and the percentage can be up to 95% in some specific countries including India.

Andy lived in Pakistan as well for 3 months and there she noticed that over 5% of the Pakistani families still have 14 kids or more.

Andy is a democrat herself but she hates the Social Security Benefits.

Last week, Andy bought herself a new toaster with the money she won with gambling online (Judi Online). Andy says that she has had enough of buying new stuff like air fryers and toasters, now she wants to buy herself a luxury car with the money she wins with online gambling.

Andy’s one and only brother – Roger is a great believer in chastity. He sold his business and gave all that money to Andy because his business gave him a lot of stress which in turn made him lusty and want to give up on his vow of chastity. He has been doing odd jobs in order to make a living since then. It is with his money only that Andy started her own software company.